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IVF & IUI support services offered in Pearl River, NY

Acupuncture can significantly increase the odds of success with in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI), with some studies suggesting that this natural treatment can improve your chances by up to 65%.  At Pearl River Acupuncture, expert acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor Yoonyoung Lee, DACM, LAc, Dipl. OM, offers acupuncture treatments before and on the day of your fertility treatments, giving you the best chance of success.  Call the Pearl River, New York, office or book your appointment online today.

1. How are IVF and IUI different?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI) are two types of assisted reproductive technology. These procedures can help you get pregnant if you can’t conceive after trying for six months, a year, or longer. 

IVF involves retrieving eggs and combining them with sperm in a laboratory setting. Then, the fertilized egg is placed into your uterus. 

IUI involves placing sperm directly into the uterus, where it has the best chance of fertilizing an egg. 

At Pearl River Acupuncture, Dr. Lee provides acupuncture treatments to increase your odds of having a successful transfer and pregnancy.

2. How can acupuncture help with IVF and IUI?

Acupuncture can support fertility treatments in several ways, including:

  • Increasing uterine and ovary blood flow
  • Thickening the endometrium uterine lining
  • Alleviating anxiety and stress
  • Modulating immune factors
  • Promoting ovulation by nourishing the body
  • Regulating the Hypothalamic Pituitary Ovarian axis
  • Managing endometriosis lesions, symptoms, and reducing inflammation
  • Regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Balance hormone levels
  • Strengthening progesterone levels in the luteal phase


During acupuncture treatments at Pearl River Acupuncture, Dr. Lee uses ultra-thin needles to stimulate certain points in your body.  Acupuncture restores the optimal flow of Qi, the body’s powerful natural energy, and in turn boosts your body’s healing abilities and helps your systems and organs work at their peak. 

When you’re undergoing IVF or IUI, Dr. Lee can perform treatments before insemination or embryo transfer and again on the day of the transfer to increase the odds of success. 

3. How successful is acupuncture for IVF and IUI?

In studies, acupuncture shows excellent results, with results suggesting that acupuncture treatments can increase the odds of assisted reproductive technology conception by up to 65%.  It’s an extra tool to use in your quest to become pregnant. 

4. Will acupuncture interfere with IVF and IUI?

Acupuncture works alongside IVF and IUI and won’t disrupt your fertility treatments.  Of course, as with all medical care you receive while undergoing fertility treatments, it’s important to inform your fertility doctor that you have acupuncture treatments. 

5. Can I use herbal medicine during IVF and IUI?

At Pearl River Acupuncture, Dr. Lee is a highly experienced and responsible Chinese medicine and acupuncture specialist who only recommends treatment paths that are 100% safe for her patients. 

While acupuncture is a safe way to improve your assisted reproductive technology results, herbal medicine could interact with hormones or medications that you take as part of your IVF or IUI.  For that reason, Dr. Lee does not prescribe herbal formulas to patients going through IVF or IUI. 

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