Does Acupuncture Really Help with Fertility?

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Discover how acupuncture can assist you on your fertility journey based on promising research results. Learn how acupuncture can reduce the time to conceive, increase live birth rates, and improve the quality of life. Explore the potential benefits of combining lifestyle changes with acupuncture for fertility support.

Can Acupuncture Assist Me on My Fertility Journey?

Fertility is a concern for approximately 9% of couples worldwide, as reported in 2016. A significant study conducted by Suzanne Cochrane et al. in the same year focused on comparing the effectiveness of acupuncture versus lifestyle changes in increasing fertility. The research revealed that participants who received acupuncture in the study conceived in an average of 5.5 weeks, while the lifestyle change group took 10.67 weeks to conceive. Following the completion of the study, the researchers observed that 10 women in the acupuncture group became pregnant, compared to 5 women in the lifestyle change group. Furthermore, when these women gave birth, 80% of the acupuncture pregnancies resulted in live births, whereas the lifestyle group had a 60% live birth rate.

To assess the participants’ quality of life, researchers used the Measure Your Medical Outcome Profile 2 (MYMOP2) questionnaire, which employs a 7-point score. A change of 1.0 points in this score is considered clinically significant. The results showed that the women in the acupuncture group experienced the most improved quality of life, with a change of 1.80. On the other hand, the lifestyle change group had a change of 0.94.

These promising research findings indicate that acupuncture can significantly aid women on their fertility journey. Acupuncture reduced the time it took to conceive and contributed to higher live birth rates and improved quality of life. Combining lifestyle changes with acupuncture appears to offer additional benefits for fertility and eventual conception. Both approaches, lifestyle changes, and acupuncture, hold the potential to support and enhance fertility.

If you are on a fertility journey, consider exploring the benefits of acupuncture as a complementary treatment. Discover how acupuncture can reduce conception time, increase the likelihood of live births, and elevate your overall quality of life. Embrace the potential benefits of combining lifestyle changes with acupuncture for comprehensive fertility support.


IVF: Enhancing Success with Acupuncture

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a commonly recommended approach for addressing infertility, with a success rate ranging from 20% to 25%, as noted in a study by Dehghani et al. (2020). Despite advancements in modern medicine, IVF success remains an area of interest that requires further improvement. To address this, Dehghani conducted research to investigate whether acupuncture administered on the day of embryo transfer could lead to more successful outcomes.

The research results were promising, showing that acupuncture administered 25 minutes before embryo transfer significantly increased IVF success compared to the control group that did not receive acupuncture. In addition to Dehghani’s findings, other studies have revealed that acupuncture in conjunction with IVF can positively impact uterine blood flow, uterine contractility, and stress relaxation.

Moreover, a study conducted by Wing Sze So et al. (2008) found that auricular acupuncture with electrical stimulation notably increased the IVF pregnancy rate when compared to auricular acupuncture without electrical stimulation.

The research suggests that acupuncture may play a vital role in enhancing IVF success rates by positively influencing various physiological factors. These findings highlight the potential benefits of combining acupuncture with IVF to achieve better outcomes for individuals undergoing fertility treatments.

If you are considering IVF or seeking to improve your chances of successful pregnancy through assisted reproductive techniques, consider exploring the potential advantages of acupuncture as a complementary treatment. Learn more about how acupuncture can positively impact uterine health, reduce stress, and optimize your IVF journey for a better chance of conception.

Pregnancy Pain: Alleviating Discomfort with Acupuncture

A compelling meta-analysis study, led by researcher Jiaman Yang and his associates, explored the use of acupuncture as a solution for low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. The study, published in 2022, compiled data from 10 research studies involving over 1,040 women. The findings revealed that acupuncture proved to be a significant relief for pregnancy-related low back and pelvic pain. Additionally, the women’s functional status demonstrated improvement, and their overall quality of life saw enhancements throughout the studies.

The reduction in pregnancy pain, as observed in the research, is attributed to the release of endogenous opioids in the body following an acupuncture procedure. These natural pain-relieving substances, combined with increased blood flow to local skin and muscle tissues, contributed to the notable reduction in discomfort experienced by pregnant women.

Considering the benefits highlighted in this comprehensive meta-analysis study, acupuncture emerges as a promising and effective approach for managing low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. If you are experiencing pregnancy-related pain, exploring acupuncture as a potential pain relief solution may offer you an opportunity to enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy journey.

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